Beat the Ultimate Player: xNotoriousx

21 May , 2015  

FUT tournament

You have 3 chances to get in on the FIFA Ultimate Team action that’s happening right now. The new Beat The Ultimate Player tournament series comes with a $150 cash prize for first place, but you have to battle head-to-head with a FIFA streamer to claim it! Sign up for this round and make it […]

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Beat The Ultimate Player: MoverFIFA

19 May , 2015  

Beat The Ultimate Player

Welcome to the newest Tournament Series to hit WorldGaming. If you love FIFA Ultimate Team this is definitely the place to showcase your All-Star squad. It’s also your chance to battle head-to-head against MoverFIFA, an eSports streamer with some mad skills on the field. You can check out the other tournaments in the series too: […]

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FIFA 15 Fanatic: Trying the Dive

13 May , 2015  

FIFA 15 How to Dive

Oh the ol’ diving controversy… Is it right? Probably not. Does it work? Most of the time. If we wanna be technical there isn’t an actual diving move in FIFA 15 but I can tell you how to draw a foul if you really want to do everything you can to score. Dive Like a […]



Best Goals of FIFA 15 Goal for Gold

10 May , 2015  

FIFA 15 Goal for Gold Video Contest

Winning in FIFA 15 is good and all, but when you score an amazing goal you want everyone to see it. Tonnes of WorldGamers sent in over 80 of their FIFA 15 goals for the Goal for Gold contest. Whether they were chips, dangles, runs, free-kicks, or crackers from 40 yards out, we loved them […]



FIFA 15 Fanatic: Never Miss the Corner Kick

4 May , 2015  

FIFA 15 Tips

One important difference in my opinion between FIFA 15 and 14 is the corner kick capabilities. In 14, corner kicks were old news and pretty much useless. But in the 2015 instalment they upped their game and added some new and improved options when it comes to attacking from the corner and scoring that epic […]



Best FIFA 15 Goals of the Week

24 Apr , 2015  

FIFA 15 Goals

Making a submission to the FIFA 15 video contest has put me in a goal scoring mood. Well, let’s face it, it always feel good when you hit that net in a tight corner shot or get a header in right at the last minute. I wanted to keep the awesomeness going and keep myself […]



5 Tactics to Build Your FIFA Ultimate Team

20 Mar , 2015  

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

We can all agree that FIFA Ultimate Team is one of the greatest things to come out of the FIFA franchise. Every day millions of gamers strut their FUT onto the field to take on friends and pursue soccer glory. For those new to the game, or for those looking to take their FUT to […]

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