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Fast RMX Review

27 Apr , 2017  

Written by Jon Scarr
Imagine racing through a futuristic sci-fi world at lightning-fast speeds, with breathtaking 1080p graphics at a blistering 60 fps—welcome to FAST RMX for the Nintendo Switch. Futuristic anti-gravity racing games have always been one of my favourite genres, ever since F-Zero was released on the SNES I was hooked. Read more in our Fast RMX Review.
Sadly, it’s been over a decade since the last F-Zero game was released and quite honestly there has yet to be a game that has lived up to the classic Nintendo franchise.

Race through a futuristic sci-fi world at incredible speeds

Based out of Munich Germany, developer Shin’en Multimedia are no slouch when it comes to making high-quality games for Nintendo consoles. Since 1999 they have released over 20 mesmerizing games from the epic futuristic full 3d action adventure Jett Rocket, the unique twin-stick style shoot ‘ em up Nano Assault NEO-X to Fast Racing Neo.
It’s now 2017, and the Nintendo Switch has launched with their latest game—FAST RMX. This Nintendo Switch eShop exclusive is an expanded version of Fast Racing Neo that was released on the Wii U. Get ready to jump into the driver’s seat of your anti-gravity vehicle and put pedal to the metal!
Fast RMX Review

Race on 30 breathtaking tracks

FAST RMX includes all the tracks from Fast Racing Neo including its downloadable content, and adds six new courses for a total of 30 whopping courses. These 30 tracks are some of the most impressive unique and varied tracks I’ve ever raced on.
Whether you’re traveling through the deep sea tunnels of Mueller Pacific, weaving between the legs of a giant spider mech in Kamagori City, narrowly escaping rock slides in Avalanche Valley, or rocketing under Sandworm creatures in Scorpio Circuit, you’ll want to keep your wits about you.
Some of these tracks add different elements to deal with. For example, some stages have giant turbines that attempt to blow you off course, while others have debris flying onto the track—forcing you to avoid them at all costs.
Each of the game’s six new tracks: Cameron Crest, Tepaneca Vale, Hangar Games, Neo Kyoto, Waimea Coast, and Caldera Post are superbly designed, and the amazing amount of detail that has been given to each track will leave you in disbelief.
Fast RMX Review

Classic gameplay with a unique twist

FAST RMX has 10 championship cups consisting of three tracks in each. You’ll race against others with the goal of finishing third or higher overall in order to advance to the next cup. You’ll be rewarded with new vehicles depending on how well you do, and by completing all cups you’ll advance to the next speed class.
There are three speed classes called leagues: Subsonic, Supersonic, and Hypersonic. Each league represents a different level of speed and AI skill, the further you advance the faster your anti-gravity ship will go and the tougher your opponents will be.
Different coloured boost pads are strategically placed around each of the game’s 30 tracks, however you must shift your vehicles phase, with the press of a button, to match the colour of the boost pad. This unique twist adds an additional challenge that ultimately is rewarding, and in some instances allows you to rocket past unsuspecting opponents near the finish line. Additionally, boost orbs can be collected to fill your boost gauge when you’re looking to sneak past your opponents.
Fast RMX Review
If you manage to complete all three speed classes, you will unlock Hero mode—the ultimate challenge. Not for the faint of heart, this mode is specifically designed to challenge the most skilled FAST RMX drivers.
The boost gauge now doubles as your shield gauge, all 30 tracks are mirrored, every race operates in Hypersonic speed mode, and you must finish first. Whew! In short, if you over boost, fall off the edge, or crash into your surroundings you’re going to have to start from the very beginning!

Eye-popping graphics combined with precise controls

Running at 1080p and 60 frames per second in TV mode and 720p 60 fps in Table Top and Handheld mode, FAST RMX is simply a drop-dead gorgeous game. This game clearly shows that the Nintendo Switch is capable of early on in its life.
The sense of speed in this game is mind-blowing; you’ll actually feeling like you are racing down the track at over 500 kilometres per hour. Arguably, more so than any other genre of video games, racing games require tight, accurate, and precise controls. With FAST RMX, you get just that!
Fast RMX Review
Regardless if you are using the Joy-Cons or the Pro Controller, you’ll always have complete control of your anti-gravity racer no matter how fast you’re going or how many twists and turns are thrown at you. The use of the Switch’s HD Rumble allows you to feel every bump and collision.
Though there is a little bit of a learning curve controlling your vehicle to start out, by the time you are finished your second race you are good to go. You also have the option to use motion controls to steer your anti-gravity racer.

Play with anybody, anywhere

FAST RMX offers a great amount of replayability, thanks in large part to the multiplayer options. In the age of the Internet, and online play there is still a huge demand for local play. Shin’en Multimedia realize this, and have included a local split screen-multiplayer option with up to four players as well as the ability to link up wirelessly with other Switch consoles.
All of the anti-gravity ships, tracks, and leagues that you have unlocked in Championship mode are available for you to use as you race against family and friends. You can take your skills to the next level by racing online with up to eight players from around the world in high octane competitions. The online experience is streamed lined for quick match-ups that will get you racing within a matter of seconds.
Fast RMX Review

A competitive edge

One of the things that draws me into FAST RMX is the high level of competition that the game dishes up. Local play is a blast against friends, trying to get across the finish line before my friends was a total rush.
FAST RMX was recently updated to included a Time Attack mode. I’ll tell you this, since its release I’ve spent countless hours trying to get the best time on the game’s 30 tracks. One of my favourite multiplayer modes in FAST RMX is the online play.
Online play is highly competitive, and I found myself playing with people from all over the world that in some instances had the upper edge on my racing skills. Though some might get deterred, I found that this only pushed me to be a better player. Each time I raced against someone who was better than me it pushed me to refine my gameplay and learn from my mistakes.
Do you have what it takes to compete?
Fast RMX Review
Final Thoughts
It’s clear to see that FAST RMX is the game that F-Zero fans have been clamouring for all these years. Featuring 30 breathtaking race tracks, amazing multiplayer fun with family and friends, eye popping graphics combined with precise controls, and classic gameplay with a unique twist—FAST RMX has it all.

Game Details

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Shin’en Multimedia
Publisher:  Shin’en Multimedia
Genre: Racing
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Final Score: 85/100



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