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WGN Far Cry 5 – Tips and Tricks

20 Jun , 2018  

by Matthew Rondina

As a veteran of the Far Cry series I’ve spent hundreds of hours putting a stop to madmen running amok in open world environments. From Vaas to Pagan Minh I’ve seen quite a bit of crazy stuff in my time, but the Seed family has really dialed things up in Hope County. I’m here to help get you out in one piece, while barely breaking a sweat.

The series has really evolved since Far Cry 3 and 4, radio towers are gone, and traditional levelling is a thing of the past. Follow the tips below to become the hero that Montana deserves and needs to escape the clutches of the Seed family.

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Not Just A Wallflower

far cry 5 npc

When diving into Hope County it’s important that you talk to as many people as possible as they become essential to finding locations, valuable experience wielding quests and weapons.

With the traditional radio towers gone, it’s all about speaking to as many NPCs as possible to uncover locations on the in-game map. Not to mention for those achievement and trophy hunters out there, once you speak to 50 citizens in the solo campaign you’ll unlock the “Ain’t No Wallflower” trophy/achievement.

Mark Enemies

From the start of the game you have access to your handy binoculars, which help you to scan an area and locate hard to see enemies. Before running into areas that are dense with foes (like outposts) be sure to scan the area with your binoculars as they mark everything in your field of vision; including enemies obscured by trees and bushes. Use your binoculars always and often to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Fangs of War

In Far Cry 5 you not only have the option of Guns for Hire, but Fangs for Hire, that’s right you can fight back the Seed cult with a variety of furry friends. The four-legged arsenal consists of Boomer (a dog), Peaches (a cougar) and Cheeseburger (a bear).

Boomer is a great ally that fetches you weapons and identifies enemies on your HUD, you can find him in Holland Valley at Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.

Peaches is great for the stealthy approach as she carefully stalks her prey, giving you a jump on the enemy – you can locate her near Henbane River at Peaches Taxidermy.

Finally, if you are more about the loud brute force approach, there’s Cheeseburger a big lovable bear that will openly attack and completely bulldoze your foes. You can find him in the Whitetail Mountains region inside the F.A.N.G. Center.

Recruit four legged friends ASAP, they will prove invaluable on the battlefield.

Outpost Strategy

Far Cry 5 outpost

It takes a while to clear an outpost, so you might be inclined to rush for that final kill, but avoid it as the area resets once all enemies have been cleared. Instead, once you have whittled the resistance down to a final few enemies, loot the area as much as you can. You can ensure no reinforcements are on the way by putting an arrow through alarm box posts. This will block enemies from triggering the alarm and calling in back up.

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