Street Fighter V at evo 2016


Street Fighter V at Evo 2016

2 Aug , 2016  

Evo has been the main attraction every year for fighting game fans all over the world and this year was no exception.

Taking place in Las Vegas, the tournament features the biggest fighting game titles such as the classically competitive Super Smash Brothers Melee, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and even the newer titles such as Pokken Tournament.

Every year the best competitors come to this event and go head to head for large prizes and of course, the glory.


Street Fighter V at Evo 2016

The front and center championship title was Street Fighter V! Street Fighter always attracts a lot of attention at this event, but nothing quite like this year.

In fact, they have broken the record for the most amount of entrants for a single game at Evo this year with a staggering 5065 entrants for Street Fighter V! This is more than double the entrants they had the previous year for Street Fighter IV.

  • The tournament began on Friday, July 15th and finished on Sunday, July 17th.
  • Many competitors battled out it out to get a place in the finals for the tournament which took place on Sunday. This is sure to be the main event of the tournament as all the top competitors from each game will go head to head in their respective games.
  • Street Fighter V will definitely be the final that almost everyone will watch with the sheer amount of competitors that have signed up to compete.

And that’s not all, ESPN2 has televised the live finals of Street Fighter V at Evo 2016.

This isn’t the first time that ESPN has covered eSports and televised this type of event live. They have broadcasted some of the major tournaments in the past that included games such as Dota 2, League of Legends and StarCraft, but this is the first time they have broadcasted Street Fighter V live.


SFV evo 2016

Street Fighter V Finals at Evo 2016, photo credit:


It’s exciting to see a game like Street Fighter V receive this kind of attention in the eSports world and it is well deserved. Street fighter V tournaments have some of the most fast paced action and attracts the attention of both fans and those who are new to the genre.

It’s easy to find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat when watching a match being played by some of the best players in the community. This was definitely the case at our recent WorldGaming Street Fighter V Canadian Championships.


New Street Fighter V DLC

In other news, Capcom just recently released the new story mode DLC “A Shadow Falls” for which adds a cinematic story that includes all of your favorite characters from the game.

You can check out a trailer below:

This update also brings two new characters to the Street Fighter V roster.

Ibuki and Balrog are now available and each brings new styles of play to the game.

Ibuki is back and offers a lot of crazy action with her ranged attacks with her throwing knives and her explosive fire bombs offer up the chance for her to rack up some serious combos against her opponents.

It will be exciting to see just what exactly she is capable of.

Balrog returns as well and brings to the table some devastating attacks. His punches can rack up some serious damage when timed well and the activation and use of his V-trigger gauge he can follow up his attacks with a powerful charge.

Even more exciting, both were made legal for tournament use at Evo 2016.

All in all, it was an exciting few days for fans of Street Fighter V.


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