Every legend starts somewhere. Yours begins here.

15 May , 2018  

This is your gateway to the extraordinary – a vibrant brand identity reflective of our dynamic, bold community. And by introducing N to our logo, we’re putting the focus back on you, our player network, because that’s what we’re made of.

It’s not just a tagline, but a promise to help you conquer the impossible and become the player others want to be.
Beyond our new brand, we’ve also amped up the platform to improve user experience.
Connect to other players, and us, with new social tools like Discord
Spend more time playing so you can hone your craft
Less waiting around for rounds and opponents
We’re not stopping there because greatness takes courage. Together, let’s get your game to a new level. Embrace potential. Break new records. Get ready to rise.
The “Network” in our name and logo signifies you, our player community, and it is the strength of our platform.
We are WorldGaming Network, to the power of N.

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