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WGN Esports Authority Report: May 16th

16 May , 2018  

The past seven days were another action packed week in the world of esports. Although the Overwatch League was on it’s final vacation week heading into the fourth and final stage, the second stage of the Call of Duty World League got underway.With the League of Legends Mid Season Invitational entering its final stage and the Canada Cup hosting Fighting game action, every esports fan had some exciting games to watch this Mother’s day weekend.


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Call of Duty World League

Stage 2 of the CWL got underway yesterday with matches running weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for an 8 week regular season. Exceptions to this weekly schedule are the week break after Week 3 and the 3 Week long intermission between weeks 4 and 5.

Team Kaliber continues to look strong after a top 6 finish at the last event in Seattle kicking off the opening day of action with victories over Echo Fox and Splyce putting them on top of the standings after the initial day of action. The only other team to play two matches in this first day was Echo Fox, who defeated Evil Geniuses to go 1-1 on the week.

Division A action will continue today and tomorrow starting at beginning at 2PM EST on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel.


League of Legends Mid Season Invitational

The most prestigious League of Legends tournament of the year aside from the World Championship couldn’t have given us a better group stage with tiebreakers being required to determine the first seed and final entrant into the playoffs.

The 6 team Round Robin pitted each squad against each other twice and surprisingly, it wasn’t the Korean team that came out on top. China’s Royal Never Give Up and Taiwan’s Flash Wolves both managed to exit the stage with 7-3 records entering them into the semi finals, but not without a playoff match to determine which team would secure the first seed.  Korea’s Kingzone DragonX finished in third place with a 6-4 record ensuring a playoff berth for them as well.The fourth and final slot was held by both Europe’s Fnatic and North America’s Team Liquid emerging from the group stage with a 4-6 record, meaning a second tiebreaker was required.

The tiebreakers were played yesterday as a single game and after some incredibly tense action RNG secured the first seed while FNC managed to earn their spot in the playoffs sending Liquid home to a disappointed North American region that again failed to make the final stages of an international event.

The playoffs take place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning each day at 6AM EST on the official Riot Games Twitch channel.


Master Series Canada Cup

The Canada Cup brought incredible Fighting Game Action to Calgary Alberta this past weekend across almost every major title as some of the best players from around the world gathered there to determine the best players on earth.

The Street Fighter Finals was an all Echo Fox affair as JWong and Punk squared off but ultimately it JWong and his play on Falke that would earn him the victory in the match and give him the crown. His sole series loss came on the second day of competition against LPN through his use of Abigail and Bison M. He proved he is not only one of the greatest Street Fighter players of all time, but fighting game players of all time this weekend. On top of his impressive victory in SFV he also commandeered JACK-7 to a victory in the Tekken7 event on the weekend. He also competed in the DBZ portion of the event and was never eliminated but instead, disqualified due to wanting to play out the Tekken7 and SFV tournaments instead.


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In DBZ Evil Geniuses’ NYChrisG tried for repeat victories after emerging victorious at the Texas Showdown the previous weekend  Making it all the way to the finals it appeared he was in a solid position to do so after getting revenge on Teemo who sent him to the lower bracket in the Winner Semi finals. Unfortunately Go1 had something to say about it however and swept him aside easily 3-0. NYChrisG was able to eliminate Punk from competition who also had a successful weekend across multiple titles. disqualified due to having matches to play in the Street Fighter V Event. The full results and battle logs from all the different events that took place this weekend can be found here.  


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