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ESL Gamescom PUBG LAN Invitational Sparks Multiple Community Discussions

8 Sep , 2017  

Written by: Dave Throop

Cologne, Germany was home to the hit game Players Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) debut LAN event, and third ever official competitive tournament. Players from around the world competed against well known streamers and influencers for four different days with players competing in free for all, duo, and team competition from both first person and third person points of view.
The action began with the free for all third person mode and a familiar name to esports fans emerged victorious.EVERMORE, a former Korean Overwatch pro infamous for his play on Roadhog, was able to win the final match by over 100 points. The victory earned EVERMORE $15, 000 but caused some controversy as runner up TSM Break had four times as many points from kills. This has since lead to a community discussion about the scoring system as it rewarded camping over seeking kills and forcing the action.
Day two saw more third person action but this time, it was teams of 2 seeking glory. The final match was clinched in the end by Suisse My Baguette members yukiie and THZ although they too ended the game with less kill points than either Cloud9 or Boshphorus, the two runners up. The win netted yukiie and THZ $15 000 each while Cloud9 took home a combined $20 000 for finishing second.
Day three featured the sole day of first person competition in the tournament and continued what was already another large community discussion. The mode’s competitive debut could certainly be seen as a success with many professional players preferring the mode over its third person counterpart.
The day was arranged so that it was again teams of two competing for the $30 000 grand prize. This time it was Cloud9 members Chappie and SolidFPS that exited with the victory while the Copenhagen Flames finished second and Never Lucky in third.
The fourth and final day of competition returned to third person and featured the highest prize pool per player with $20 000 being offered to each member of the victorious four man roster. Again we saw a familiar name emerge victorious, with popular Twitch streamer and former Halo professional Ninja leading Team Luminosity to victory. Tier 3 gaming were the runners up taking home $15, 000 each while Noble and Team Liquid received the final two paychecks.
For complete information on the event including team rosters, full placings and match histories go here.
Overall the tournament can be seen as a major success for the budding title demonstrating it has a promising esports future. Although settings are being heavily discussed, and future formatting for competitions remains unclear one thing does not, the bright future PUBG has in front of it.


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