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5 Oct , 2017  

The re:play talk show is a weekly eSports show featuring issues, news and events from the world of eSports.
Daily curated content from across the web will feature the best-of-the-best of what’s out there related to eSports: articles, videos, event coverage, player profiles, blogs, podcasts, social media postings, etc. making this destination, THE place to cut through the noise and find the best eSports content on the planet.
In this week’s episode of #RePlayWeekly hosts, Jaky, Dion and Alex discuss the hottest news in eSports.
• Tyler1 Vs Riot employee
• Gamechangers looks Smash Bros. finals at GTX
• Smash Bros. Analyst D1 talks about his past and the future

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Meet the hosts


Alexander is a host, emcee, commentator and avid gamer with a passion for all things esports. He began pursuing a career as a host in 2015, working part time at theScore esports. This encouraged his involvement in competitive Super Smash Bros Melee, where he commentated tournaments with EvenMatchupGaming. continued to hone his emcee skills at Raiders Esports Centre, representing a variety of titles such as Counter Strike, Overwatch, Street Fighter V and Starcraft II with Red Bull Proving Grounds Fight For the Six being a personal highlight.
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Playing since the young age of 2, Dion “PBat” Anderson has adapted his skill and knowledge into many forms of gaming. From casually casting a single player game, to competitive knowledge of some of the highest levels of gameplay, Dion has brought charm and expertise to the platforms of YouTube and Twitch. Doing work with companies like Hi-Rez, Kixeye, and Riot, merging a unique brand of quick wit and focused knowledge.
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Jaky has been gaming since an early age, playing Sonic 2 and Street Fighter 2. Today, she is a known commentator in the Canadian Fighting Game Community. Her favourite types of games are Japanese RPG’s and 2D fighters. She loves to play Canadian characters and mains Volibear in League of Legends.
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