CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs - Group Red Complete

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CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs – Group Red Complete

5 Jul , 2017  

Written by Dave Throop
CWL pro league stage 2 playoff
Action in Group Red has now concluded for the second season of the Call of Duty World League Global Pro League seeding two teams into the $500 000 playoffs. Learn more about the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.
Luminosity entered Group Red as the heavy favourite and after going undefeated through the first two days of action it was evident why that was the case. While they were handed a loss during the final day of play, they proceeded through the group with ease and became the first team to secure their spot in the playoffs.
The second spot was more highly contested however as both Fnatic and Evil Geniuses entered the final day with a shot at taking the coveted playoff berth. Fnatic began the day by pulling out an incredible performance against Luminosity, handing them their only loss in a hard fought, back and forth five game series. This was a must win victory for Fnatic in order to stay alive in the tournament and they played like it. They weren’t ready to go home just yet.
With Evil Geniuses winning their first series of the day as well the stage was now set for a very intense final matchup. Fnatic was once again in a situation where they had to play incredible Call of Duty, as if the series went the full five games or Evil Geniuses won they wouldn’t be going to the playoffs.
Knowing they could only afford to drop a single game in the entire series, Fnatic aired on the side of caution and pulled out a dominant performance and securing a sweep against Evil Geniuses to clinch their spot in the playoffs.
With two teams now in the playoffs they will be eagerly watching and waiting to see who will join them. The next stage of play begins Friday July 7th, at 4PM EST on the official MLG channel and will feature Group Blue. The four teams in contention will be Faze Clan, Enigma6, Ghost Gaming and Elevate. It is sure to be more Call of Duty action you won’t want to miss.
Dave Throop is a decade long esports fanatic from Toronto. Originating in console FPS and sports games he has since expanded to PC games and MOBAs to become a fan of nearly all major competitive titles across multiple platforms. His favourite titles include Halo, Overwatch and League of Legends.


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