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CS:GO When and where to use your pistol

7 Aug , 2017  

CS:GO Beginners Guide
CS: GO is a game about individual skill, teamplay and economy management. If you know when to use pistols, you’ll be at a great advantage when it comes to economy and planning for future rounds. If you also know how to use them, you can do some serious damage to your opponent’s game plan. Learn more about CS:GO When and where to use your pistol.

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Let’s first take a look at what exactly pistols are and then look at a few pistols to see when and how you should use them.
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What are pistols?

Let’s start with what pistols are. Pistols take up their own slot in your inventory and you spawn with one, so you should never be without a pistol. They are used when you can’t afford a primary, when your primary runs out of ammo and you don’t have time to reload, and situationally.
For example, if you have to engage multiple opponents at a close range with an OP, it makes more sense to pull out your pistol instead. In general, pistols are weaker than primary weapons in terms of damage, precision, accuracy, fire rate, and armour penetration. However, there are exceptions as each pistol is fairly unique.
You can move quickly with pistols and you do not have as much tagging. So, it makes the most sense when you are using pistols to keep moving—shooting when you change directions for the accurate shot.
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Counter-Terrorist starting pistols—USP-S and the P2000

Let’s take a look at the Counter-Terrorist starting pistols, the USP-S and the P2000. Both of these pistols are virtually interchangeable and it ultimately comes down to personal preference. The difference is that the USP-S has a silencer, one round less in each magazine, and fewer magazines overall.
The USP-S is one of the only weapons you are in danger running out of ammo with. The silencer prevents tracer rounds and it’s fairly quiet when you shoot it. There are also some very slight, almost unnoticeable differences between the USP-S and the P2000.
CS:GO When and where to use your pistol6
The USP-S has very slightly better recoil, and is slightly less precise at longer distances. Though, I wouldn’t base my choice on which weapon to use on these differences. I would choose based on the magazine capacity and the silencer.
Both these weapons are fairly precise, which is amazing considering they are free. They are also much more precise than the Glock-18 at longer distances. Meaning, you are going to be able to win those long-range engagements much easier. Just like the Glock-18, both of these weapons do not do much damage against armour.

Terrorist starting pistol—the Glock-18

Now, let’s take a look at the Terrorist’s starting pistol, the Glock-18—arguably the weakest weapon in the game. It fires semi-automatic like every other pistol, and the recoil pattern goes side to side to a great extent and slightly upward.
The Glock-18 has terrible armour penetration, so you should take your enemy down with three headshots. If you were at point-blank range, it would take eight chest shots to kill your opponent. However, against unarmoured opponents, the Glock has the ability to one tap head shot at close and medium distances. Which, makes this good enough for the first round in the game.
CS:GO When and where to use your pistol1
One of the most unique characteristics of the Glock-18 is the burst fire mechanic. It fires three round very quickly, though you still need to control for recoil when burst firing.

Because the Glock is used on the first round, it goes up against the Counter-Terrorist USP-S and P2000. Both of these weapons are superior to the Glock-18 in terms of long-range accuracy and damage. So, it makes the most sense for Terrorists to engage in close-range on the first round.


The next pistol we’ll talk about is the p250. It cost $300 and is the cheapest weapon you have to purchase. This is the pistol you will buy if you are very low on money and you don’t want to use the free pistols.
The p250 is less precise than the free pistols, but does noticeably more damage and has a controllable recoil. Against armoured players, this pistol has the ability to kill your opponent with one headshot. The best way to use this pistol is at close and medium distances and fire four to five shots while controlling for recoil.
Recoil is random, so keep an eye out and correct for it as necessary. The reduced magazine capacity of the p250 makes you slightly in danger of running out of ammo.
CS:GO When and where to use your pistol2


For just $200 more than the p250, the CZ75-Auto is a much better pistol. The CZ75-Auto is a unique pistol for many reasons and the only benefit it has over any other pistol is that it is automatic. This pistol can unload a large amount of rounds in a short amount of time, making this pistol ideal for close-range positions.
However, the CZ75-Auto has terrible accuracy, precision, the spray pattern is random and difficult to control. This is also the only pistol that has a lower kill reward of just $100, making it a not so good choice for eco rounds.
Also, the CZ75-Auto doesn’t have very much ammo, it has two mags and 12 rounds a piece. In turn, this pistol has a very specific role. On the Counter-Terrorist side, it can be used at close range around a corner to steal your enemy’s primary weapon.
The strength of the CZ75-Auto is its fire rate, giving it a very high damage per second. Being up close and personal with this pistol will net you fairly easy kills.
CS:GO When and where to use your pistol3

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Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is an iconic Counter Strike weapon. It’s a big bulky, difficult to use, monster of a pistol and expensive coming in at $700. The Desert Eagle does a crazy amount of damage and is insanely accurate. It can land a one-hit accurate headshot at long distance.
If you fire the weapon too quickly, its impossible to control. You can tap shoot at a moderate speed to land accurate shots. I’d venture to say that the Desert Eagle has the highest skill ceiling of any weapon in the game.
This makes it a massive risk/reward and is perfect for highly accurate players. This pistol is best used against players that spend lots of money on their equipment—they can be taken out in a single shot. Be prepared to invest a lot of time learning how to use this pistol to get the most out of it.
CS:GO When and where to use your pistol4

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