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CSGO Everything you need to know about movement

28 Jul , 2017  

Written by Jon Scarr
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A very important component of Counter Strike is movement. It is important to know how movement works and how to apply it in game, which is technically the most difficult thing that you are going to be doing. Read more in our CSGO Everything you need to know about movement guide.
Movement is something that takes hours and hours of practice to get right, it’s something that you need to play the game, and it’s something you will need to master to take your game to the next level—it is what separates the men from the boys, so to speak.
Over the years Valve has made changes to movement in Counter Strike, so how movement worked four years ago is different that how it works today. Let’s take a look at movement and how we can use it to get the upper hand on your opponents.
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There are a number of different factors that affect your accuracy in Counter Strike. There is the natural imprecision of the weapons, recoil (the inaccuracy caused by shooting), and then there is movement inaccuracy.
The faster you are moving in Counter Strike, the more inaccurate you are going to be. If you are moving below a specific speed, your shots are accurate—this is the perfect time to shoot. Movement in Counter Strike is all about the perfect balance between being difficult to hit and being accurate when shooting.
The absolute worst thing you can do, is to just run full on at your opponent. Not only will your shooting be inaccurate, you are going to be in the same spot in your opponent’s vision. By strafing, pressing “A” or “D” on your keyboard, it will make you an extremely difficult target to hit.



Additionally, you can shoot accurately when you either stop or change directions. For example, if you are strafing left and want to stop to shoot some enemies, you can press “D” to stop faster. This is what’s known as Counter-Strafing. However, if you use this over and over again in a predictable manor, it won’t do you any good. This is commonly known as “ADADAD’ing”.
Movement inaccuracy is separate from shooting inaccuracy. If you stand still and spray, you can memorize the recoil pattern and then compensate for it. You can use this exact same technique while moving.
When your movement inaccuracy is high, there is no way to predict where the rounds will be going. However, when your movement inaccuracy is low, it will be the same as if you were standing still the entire time, regardless where you are in the spray. This means you can spray while Counter-Strafing and still get accurate shots, as long as you are compensating for recoil the entire time.


Counter-Strafing corners and Shoulder Peeking

The vast majority of engagements in Counter Strike don’t happen when you are out in the open, they mostly happen when you are at a corner. You can Counter-Strafe a corner; this will allow you to peek at your opponents to see what’s going on without getting shot.
You can also use the Shoulder Peek, by strafing close enough to the corner so that your shoulder is visible to your opponent. You can use this technique to bait out an enemy and then take them out.
Counter-Strafing a corner can also be used to pre-shoot positions while keeping yourself safe. If you step out into the open and miss your shot, you are going to be a massive target to others. Counter-Strafing a corner takes a bit of practice, most likely you will have to practice it over and over again. It’s important to shoot at the common enemy positions.


Jiggle and Wide Peeking

A you can use is called Jiggle Peeking. This is when you Counter-Strafe a corner and shoot every time that you do it. Your opponent will have to be extremely fast in order to hit you, or time your movements and predict when you are going to peek.
In order to be the most difficult target to hit, you have to be the most unpredictable target. Many players fall into a predictable movement pattern after learning the basics. Try to break away from this and develop your own style of movement.
You can also catch your opponent off guard by Wide Peeking. This is done by strafing out into the area away from the corner, and directly engaging your opponent. I have found that this works best when your opponent doesn’t have their own cover to escape behind.

These techniques aren’t just for those on the attack. If you are defending, you will want to stay at a corner and use the same technique on your opponents.



Walking is done by hold the “Shift” key, it allows you to move without making a sound. This is extremely important, as it won’t give your position away. A word to the wise, if you see your teammate walking, you should walk to. There is a reason that your teammate is walking, and you don’t want to ruin their efforts.
Walk peeking an angle is very dangerous because it makes you a massive target. If someone is holding that angle, you have a low chance of surviving.



Normally jumping is not something you really want to do. It makes yourself inaccurate, immobile, predictable, and gets you killed. However, you can use advanced jumping techniques such as Air Strafing to your advantage. In Counter Strike you can strafe in mid-air, by using your mouse you can control your flight. Pointing in the direction you are facing, will cause you to go in a circular motion.
Air Strafing is good to use when escaping an enemy, you can Air Strafe around a corner to make yourself a difficult target. Another useful jumping technique is to jump up to a higher elevation and shoot as soon as you hit the ground—when you hit the ground you will get an accurate shot.



To crouch you simply press the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard. Never set crouch to toggle, as you will need to be able to very quickly control your crouching. Crouching should be used to trick your opponent; skilled players go for headshots, so if you crouch they wont get the headshot.

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You can crouch very close to corners to make your head a difficult target to hit. Though you can still be hit in the head via headshot through the corner itself. You can also incorporate crouching into your peeking, if you strafe to peek and then you crouch as you do so, you’ll slide out into the open and get a chance to kill your opponent.
Crouching can also be used to get around the map by using a crouch jump. If you shift walk and crouch jump up to a higher elevation, you won’t make a sound.

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