CSGO Beginners guide.

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CS:GO Beginners Guide

20 Jul , 2017  

Written by Jon Scarr
CS:GO Beginners Guide

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CS:GO is a big game and it is growing fast. It gets regular updates, new features and is a great game to get into. It is a first person competitive game where Terrorists play against Counter Terrorists. There is always a match to be played and I have had many memorable experiences in my time playing it. Check out our CS:GO beginners guide to learn more.
I’ve put together this beginners guide for those of you that are new to CS:GO, I hope you enjoy it.

Game types

Let’s talk about CS:GO’s game types. The main game style of CS:GO can be split into two different maps types. The most popular is Defuse, and if you happen to watch a competitive CS:GO match between pro teams, the chances are it is this mode that is being played.
Terrorists start with a bomb and can choose one of two bombsites to plant it at. The Counter Terrorists start closer to those sites and must defend. Either team can win by eliminating the other team completely, or by detonating or defusing the bomb. If time runs out, Counter Terrorists win.
In Hostage rescue maps, it’s the exact opposite. Terrorist start with two hostages, which the Counter Terrorists must reach, rescue and return to their start zone—they only need to save one of the hostages to win the round. Once again, you can also win by killing the other team, and the Terrorists can run down the clock and win on time.
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Casual Vs Competitive mode

Defuse and Hostage mode can be played casually or competitively. Casual is played on a 10v10 server, with no team killing and far more forgiving. There is no penalty for leaving, its open to anybody of any skill level, and you only have to reach eight rounds to win.
Competitive mode is ranked, where you are placed in a 5v5 game with balanced teams and your score is calculated by how well you perform and whether you win. Leaving mid-game will lead to a temporary band from competitive mode, you can attack and block members of your team, and the first to 16 rounds wins.
If you die, you remain dead until the current round is over, which can take up to several minutes. After each round, depending on how you have done and which team won, you are award money for bigger and better weapons and items.
You can play on one side for 15 rounds and then you will be switched to the other. If you win 10 games in this mode, you will get a badge to show how well you have performed compared to everyone else in the game. This rank can go up or down, depending on whether you get better or worse.
CSGO Beginners guide.


Counter Terrorists Vs Terrorists

The two sides, Counter Terrorists and Terrorists, are relatively similar. They share many of the same guns, but there are a few differences. Terrorists have access to more powerful and marginally cheaper weapons—though Counter Terrorists weapons seem to be more accurate.

Picking up weapons

If you find a weapon on the ground from a dead player, you can take it. You’ll soon find weapons that favour your style of play.
The goal is to win the game by working together as a team, and the most successful teams will develop elaborate strategies to gain an advantage over the other team.
CSGO Beginners guide.

How to shoot people

Unlike other games, weapons in CS:GO require a fair bit of skill to master. If you hold down the fire button or shoot when moving, you are very unlikely to hit anything. There is no quick way to master this, it is a case of practicing and experience.
Be prepared, you will die a lot before you are able to deal out the same amount of damage to your opponents. I’d argue that with decent aim, you can fight your way up to the gold ranks in competitive play or even higher.
First and foremost, stand still and aim somewhere, and fire once. You’ll see that it hits close to where you were aiming! You can always rely on this method if your spray-and-pray tactics fail you.

Crouching will improve your accuracy further, as will by using a scope if your weapon has one. Most don’t and even if they do, you will only have to use it at extremely long ranges. Of course, it is a bit different with sniper rifles, since when you are not looking down the scope you have no crosshair and its accuracy will be very poor.
CSGO Beginners guide.

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