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WGN Authority Report: September 19th

19 Sep , 2018  

It was a relatively quiet week in esports with the most notable action being the third round of Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers and some Fighting Game competitions featuring Street Fighter and Tekken while the CS:GO FACEIT Major that kicked off last week finished its second of three stages. The slow pace won’t be the case […]

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WGN Authority Report: September 12th

12 Sep , 2018  

Written By: Dave Throop   Join an Esports tournament on WorldGaming today   The past week was one of the most action packed esports weekends in this entire calendar year. There was such a wide variety of high level competitions taking place that every esports fan had some incredible action to enjoy. Between a premier […]

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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: CS:GO – How to be a better teammate by giving good information

6 Sep , 2018  

Written By: Zach McGinnis   Communication in any team sport is essential for success. Communication is one of, if not the most important factor in a team performing greater as a group than as a sum of its parts. Fnatic’s new in-game leader Richard “Xizt” Landström recently said in an interview that he believes the […]

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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: CS:GO Warm-up Tips – Train Smarter, Not Harder

5 Sep , 2018  

Written by Zach McGinnis It’s quite common for professional athletes to train at high altitudes in order to push their muscles further and perform better at sea level. Similarly, gym regulars will know best that changing up one’s workout is essential in training all parts of your muscle and not hitting a wall or plateau […]

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WGN Authority Report: September 5th

5 Sep , 2018  

Written By: Dave Throop   Join an Esports tournament on WorldGaming today   The last week of August was a busy one in the world of esports with CS:GO, Fighting Game and Fornite fans all getting plenty of high level competition to satisfy their entertainment needs. There is quite a bit to delve into so […]

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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: CS:GO Map Control- Abusing Spawns to Take Banana Control

23 Aug , 2018  

StrategyAcademy_CSGO Map Control- Abusing Spawns to Take Banana Control_V1_BlogBanner_2801x1551

Written by: Zach McGinnis   Once known as Friberg’s palace, de_inferno’s banana is one of the most ruthless, exciting, and iconic choke-points in Counter-Strike history. Of course, now that it’s been widened in the map’s newest iteration it’s somewhat less of a cold mistress for a T-side to flirt with; however, just a few quick nades […]

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WorldGaming Network to Host World Electronic Sports Games Qualifiers & Finals for the U.S. and Canada

28 Jun , 2018  

The global tournament from Alisports and WorldGaming Network is the world’s only Olympic-style esports competition   Teams and players will compete to represent their countries at the WESG Grand Finals   Toronto, ON | June 29, 2018 – The world’s only Olympic-style esports tournament has officially arrived. WorldGaming Network today announced that it has been […]

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Cloud9 Make History Taking Boston’s ELeague CSGO Major

8 Feb , 2018  

Cloud9 manage to win the first CSGO major for the organization, and in doing so are the first North American champions at a CSGO major. Teams gathered in Boston at the Agganis Arena in order to compete at the Boston ELeague major for a million dollar prize pool. The weekend started well for Cloud9, going […]

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ESL One New York – Counter Strike Preview

12 Sep , 2017  

ESL is no stranger to putting on events that include world class talent and the upcoming ESL One, held at the Barclay’s Center in New York September 15th-17th will continue that tradition. The hype is growing for the upcoming ESL event in which they directly invited six of the undisputed best teams from around the […]


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CS:GO Turf Wars (September – October 2017)

6 Sep , 2017  

This fall, enter your team in the WorldGaming CS:GO Turf Wars to win your share of $1000! Starting September 16th, every Saturday and Sunday until October 15th your team can enter CS:GO Turf Wars brackets and earn medals. At the end of the tournament, the teams with the most medals win cash prizes. This tournament […]

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive storms into the WorldGaming Canadian Championship Series  

20 Jul , 2017  

Assemble Your Team as Tournament Registration is Now Open   $90,000 Prize Pool Up for Grabs…If You Can Make it Out Alive!   Snakmandoo™ Signs on as Tournament Sponsor     Toronto, ON– July 20, 2017 (TSX: CGX) – WorldGaming has announced that registration is now open for the WorldGaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Canadian Championships. […]

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CS:GO Beginners Guide

20 Jul , 2017  

CSGO Beginners guide.

Written by Jon Scarr     Find a team for CS:GO Turf Wars CS:GO is a big game and it is growing fast. It gets regular updates, new features and is a great game to get into. It is a first person competitive game where Terrorists play against Counter Terrorists. There is always a match […]

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CS:GO Aiming and Accuracy Tips

20 Jul , 2017  

CS:GO Aiming and Accuracy Tips

Written by Matthew Rondina   Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO, is a game that is simple to learn but very difficult to master. Improve your aim and improve your game with these tips and tricks that will enhance your play style and make you even more lethal on the battlefield. Read more in our […]

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive How to Be the Best Player on Your Team

29 Jan , 2017  

counter strike: global offensive become best player on team

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a classic game—easy to learn, but difficult to master. Still, not everything is about mastering advanced techniques like the fake bomb defusal. Master the basics first, and you’ll up your game in no time.   Get More Insider Gamer News When You Join WorldGaming Join a CS:GO Turf Wars bracket   […]