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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive How to Be the Best Player on Your Team

29 Jan , 2017  

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a classic game—easy to learn, but difficult to master. Still, not everything is about mastering advanced techniques like the fake bomb defusal.

Master the basics first, and you’ll up your game in no time.


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How To Be The Best Player On Your Team

To be the best player on your team, you must master the basics first. Check out our best tips to improve your gameplay and you’ll be the best in no time!

Use Flash Bangs When Being Rushed

Even the odds by destabilizing more players on the other team than yours. You may also surf the same effects, but it’s about playing the numbers game here.

You can also use these effectively when you are rushing the other team, but they won’t work all that well if that team is well-positioned behind cover.

Keep this tactic in your back pocket to throw players off balance.

Learn Map Call Outs

This is crucial for team responsiveness, which in turn lets you win more often. A call out is a place on a map, so you can let your teammates know where something happened, like an ambush.

You may find yourself dying a lot at first, and that’s fine—just make sure those deaths don’t go to waste by letting your teammates know when, where, and how you died.

That gives them clues to help take down the other team, and avoid following you to the respawn point all at once.

counter-strike: global offensive best player

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Improve Your Aiming Settings

Adjust your camera sensitivity settings, and keep your reticle up high when you play. This lets you go for headshots more often, killing enemies faster.

You can do yourself one better by placing your reticle where enemies’ heads are likely to be:

  • Peeking around corners
  • Slightly overtop of cover like railings, boxes, or ledges
  • Popular sniper spots

This is also known as pre-aiming, which pros do all the time. Some spots are better than others, and the pros know where they are. Think about where enemy players are located when they kill you, and keep an eye on those spots in the future.

And make sure to master strafing! Nothing’s more frustrating than an opponent shooting at you while also moving—make your opponents feel that frustration.

Run Warm-Up Routines

The first match of the day is never the best one. You’re just not in the zone! Get into that zone of concentration with a practice round before you start playing official matches, tournaments, or even just highly competitive match-making.

Bring back the muscle memory in your fingers that let you pull off headshots on a hair-trigger!


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counter strike: global offensive be best player

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Go For The Best Guns

There’s not a lot of debate on which guns give you the best performance in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Focus on these rifles when you’re playing competitive matches:

  • AK-47 (terrorist side)
  • M4A4 or M4A1-S (counter side)
  • AWP Magnum Sniper Rifle (usually one per team)

You’ll need to become familiar with cheaper guns as well, but picking one of these to find your style is a big part of feeling comfortable in the game.

You can play on classic Deathmatch to practice with these guns and not worry about the cash needed to grab them in other game modes.

Watch Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Matches

What better way to learn than from the pros? Analyze their movements, their callouts, their plays, and how they approach situations.

eSports is becoming a huge industry, and there are more than a few tournaments and gaming conventions that host matches for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

What Not To Do:

There are a few things you should make a point of avoiding. Don’t fixate on these, but remember to catch yourself if you think you might have a few bad habits to break.

  • Aim at the floor
  • Don’t reload to fill up the three missing bullets in your clip
  • Don’t stay too close to your teammates, especially if they’re peeking around corners
  • Don’t rush into new rooms. You will die.

Now you have some tips to improve your gameplay, try them out the next time and be the next best player.

Think we should add some tips to the list? Let us know how you crush the competition in the comments below!


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