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Comeback Kids: After Falling From Grace in North Finals, Columbia College (MO) Looks to Rebound

24 May , 2018  

Columbia College (MO) (#5) is known to be as a quiet mainstay of collegiate Esports. While the West Coast is host to the gaming industry as a whole, Missouri has made their mark on history as one of the most successful and prominent states in collegiate Esports. Although their stats aren’t flawless, it’s clear that Columbia College stands to be one of the top contenders in the entire nation.

To start, let’s take a look at their lineup. On paper, every lane is incredibly strong. Independent of the organization and the team as a whole, each individual player has their own accomplishments – both in and out of solo queue. It’s clear that Columbia College took existing talent and gave them the rigorous foundation players need to succeed. For instance, Julien “Julien” Gelinas, previously known as ZatsMod, played a plethora of champions to the top of the North American ladder. Sitting at a whopping 1100 LP on the NA server, Julien is famous even in the professional circuit as an impressive player.

OP.GG profiles for Ian “MistyStumpey” Alexander (left) and Julien “Julien” Galinas, the Cougars’ solo lane stars.


Ian “MistyStumpey” Alexander, a famous streamer on Twitch, is finishing his second year with the Cougars. His solo queue statistics are impressive as well: at the time of writing, he sits at Rank 96 with 508 LP with over 60% win rates on many of his main champions.

Robert Morris University transfers Zachary “Bukzach” Lapham and Evan “EvanRL” Lawson aren’t exactly pushovers either. As veterans of the collegiate competitive scene, and as part of a team at the forefront of last year’s uLoL, it’s clear that they also have the knowledge and experience to bring the team together. Last but certainly not least, Dean “CC Dean” Wood, the support for Cougar eSports is also impressive in his own right – peaking Challenger with prior tournament experience through NA Open Qualifiers.

In the words of Aristotle, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and these words could not ring truer than for Columbia College. The team performs impressively and cohesively, rocking a regional record of 9-1 before their North Finals defeat at the hands of Maryville University.

Columbia College’s Average Objective Control Stats per Game, 2018 – Image Credit: Matt Jungsuk Howard. Data gathered by Matt Jungsuk Howard by way of Battlefy.


In their first four weeks, Columbia College decisively crushed their opponents with 13.5 objectives taken per game, with the average opponent taking merely a single objective. As opponents get tougher and tougher, their average Objective Difference  has understandably dropped. However, they still averaged 12 objectives taken per game across the entire season and maintained an objective difference of 8.5. Columbia knows what must be done to win a game. Against CC, you’d better watch out or they’ll be knocking down your base in no time.

Possessing one of the strongest theoretical lineups in the collegiate scene, it’s hardly likely that any other team would stand a chance against CC’s monstrous team: two current Challenger players, two veterans, and the highest ranked support in the entirety of collegiate League of Legends. However, League of Legends isn’t simply about what you look like on paper — it’s about adapting to your opponents and learning from your mistakes. With their ranking in solo queue so high compared to their opponents, the Cougars need to make sure not to underestimate any of their opponents. Regardless of the outcome, CC is absolutely certain to show us some exciting matches in the near future!


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Matthiew Choi is an Analyst at Collegiate StarLeague and Mechanical Engineering Major at the University of California, San Diego. In addition to casual play, he is a former uLoL West Region semifinalist. In his free time, he bakes a mean macaron, but isn’t currently accepting recipe requests on social media.

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