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College LoL Takeaways: Week 5

19 Feb , 2018  

With only 18 undefeated teams coming into this week, we were blessed with some of the most action-packed, high quality matches from the best teams in College LoL. From this week’s casted matches, we look at who the new kids are atop the West, and who Drake Porter has his eyes on next!


UC Irvine (4-0) vs. Univ. of British Columbia (4-0)

UCI wins the series 2-0

Game 1 — 32:43

Blue: UCI — 15 // 66.6k

Red: UBC — 4 // 47.0k

Game 2 — 26:00

Blue: UCI — 18 // 57.7k

Red: UBC — 4 // 35.8k



  1. UC Irvine showed why sticking to the meta is the best option. In both games, UCI drafted team compositions that mimic those of professional teams and showcase some of the strongest champions this meta. UBC opted to stray a bit away from meta, especially in Game 2, and was punished heavily for it as a  result.
  2. UCI can play both sides of the tempo game. Game 1 and Game 2 were two different tales in the early games. In Game 1, there was only a single kill in the first 22 minutes. However, UCI had already developed a seven-thousand gold lead through CS-leads and objectives. At the 22-minute mark in Game 2, UCI’s 14-thousand gold lead was driven by nine kills to go along with a +7-turret difference.
  3. This is not the end of UBC. Despite one of the harshest losses we have seen given to this organization, UBC is nowhere near done. In the final week of the regular season, they will face UC San Diego once again in a do-or-die scenario. The two schools met in last year’s West Region Semifinals, with UBC earning a decisive 2-0 series victory. Expect the same intensity after a rough Week 5.


Columbia College (4-0) vs. Robert Morris University (IL) (4-0)

Columbia College wins the series 2-0

Game 1 — 38:24

Blue: RMU — 15 // 66.9k

Red: CC — 18 // 73.8k

Game 2 — 28:49

Blue: CC — 19 // 63.2k

Red: RMU — 4 // 40.9k


  1. EvanRL is the best ADC in College LoL. Despite the top side of his map having a rough Game 1, Evan took the series into his own hands. The former LLN pro racked up an astonishing 20/2/8 KDA across two Xayah games, with one death coming from diving RMU’s fountain to secure a Pentakill. For opponents looking to even take a game off of this juggernaut, they will have to find a way to shut down this bot lane.
  2. Robert Morris did not go down quietly. RMU showed a lot of promise in Game 1 for the future of this roster. After having to completely revamp after the end of last season, the Eagles were able to put together a solid roster that proves they can compete. RMU’s solo laners, “just some nobody” and “Nhacvan”, stayed toe-to-toe with CC’s solo laners as much as possible throughout the series. RMU can take this positive into the final week as they look to secure a playoff spot.
  3. Drake Porter has “We Want Bama” syndrome. For those that do not get this college football reference, I am deeply sorry. The phrase “We Want Bama” is often coined by college football programs that are doing well and think they have a shot at the dynasty that is Alabama. Sometimes they are being serious, sometimes they’re just joking. Drake Porter took to the College LoL equivalent of this meme on Twitter after the series on Saturday. So, to Daniel Clerke and the rest of Maryville, what do you say?



Around the League

The 18 undefeated teams were cut down to 10 after this weekend. Texas A&M (5-0) and UT Dallas (5-0) come out unscathed after a 2-1 and 2-0 series win respectively. Ottawa (5-0) and Western (5-0) sweep their series to stay atop the East, while New York Univ. (5-0) joins them after a 2-1 series win. Joining Columbia College in the North are Maryville (5-0) and Manitoba (5-0), while Simon Fraser (5-0) joins UCI as the undefeated teams in the West. 

Over in the BTN West Conference, the Univ. of Illinois (5-0) scooted by the Univ. of Wisconsin (2-3) to remain undefeated, while Ohio State (5-0) earned a clean sweep against Penn State (2-3) to continue their impressive win streak. Univ. of North Georgia (5-0) picked up a pair of series wins over the weekend to move up to 5-0 in the Peach Belt Conference.

As mentioned in Ward Up, two more matches were slated to be broadcasted over the weekend. In the first, Lourdes Univ. (4-1) bounced back in dominant fashion over Michigan Tech (3-2) after a rough Week 4 loss. In the battle of coolest university name, Diablo Valley (2-3) bounced back after an atrocious Game 1 to defeat DigiPen IT (1-4) 2-1.


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