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College LoL Takeaways: Week 4

12 Feb , 2018  

This week’s casted matches didn’t bring much clarity to the playoff picture, but we did get a look at some of the best talent in collegiate League of Legends in several dominant 2-0 series. Don’t be surprised if we see a couple of these matchups again in 2018!


George Mason University (3-0) vs. North Carolina State (3-0)

NCSU Victory!

Game 1 — 42:08

Blue: GMU — 13 // 69.1k

Red: NCSU — 22 // 76.7k

Game 2 — 25:02

Blue: GMU — 4 // 37.1k

Red: NCSU — 18 // 50.2k



North Carolina State University (Red) engages George Mason University’s (Blue) Routé in Game 2 of their Week 4 match.


  1. In both games North Carolina State surged to an early lead, but in dramatically different fashions. The Wolfpack secured first blood, first tower and the first infernal drake of the game about nine minutes into game one. Game two, however, was much more contentious, but the pressure from NC State’s jungler proved too much for George Mason to overcome.
  2. GMU wouldn’t go away without a fight. Despite heavy losses in the early onset of both games, the Patriots of George Mason fought tooth and nail to stay within reach. With one loss and little room for error, that gumption will be necessary in the coming weeks.
  3. North Carolina State is one of four remaining undefeated teams in the South Conference (University of Texas – Dallas, Texas A&M, and University of Texas – Austin). For NC State to go 6-0, they’ll need to improve their killer instinct and finish off their opponents more efficiently. Giving opponents an opportunity to claw back in could prove their undoing.


University of California – Irvine (3-0) vs. University of Colorado, Boulder (3-0)

UCI Victory!

Game 1 — 28:12

Blue: UCI — 20 // 61.7k

Red: CU — 3 // 41.1k

Game 2 — 35:13

Blue: CU — 12 // 57.9k

Red: UCI — 20 // 74.7k



University of California, Irvine top laner Captain Nuke (Red) drops the Hextech Ultimatum on Colorado University, Boulder’s Zoolouie (Blue).


  1. UCI continues their unbeaten streak. After a 2-0 dismantling of Colorado, the Anteaters continue to dominate. With impressive performances in both games this week, UCI seems like a favorite to secure first seed in the West.
  2. Colorado expected global ultimates to make an impact; UCI had the answer. In game one it was Galio in the mid-lane, but timely, efficient pushes from the Anteaters’ sophomore Jeffery “Descraton” Du prevented any heroic entrances for Colorado. Game two was the same story in a different lane. Shen couldn’t leave lane without giving Camille free reign to push.
  3. Former Pro Youngbin “Y0UNGBIN” Jung provided a stable backbone for the Anteaters. Jung’s instincts in the jungle ensured he was in the proper place when his team needed him. A perfect KDA in game one set the freshman up to lead his team in kill participation across both games (.725)


Columbia College (MO) (3-0) vs. Lourdes University (3-0)

CC Victory!

Game 1 — 39:09

Blue: CC — 14 // 75.9k

Red: LU — 11 // 62.3k

Game 2 — 33:56

Blue: LU — 7 // 51.0k

Red: CC — 14 // 64.1k



  1. Despite early kill leads favoring Lourdes, Columbia College seemed in control throughout the series. The Cougars drafted a better scaling composition in the first game and focused on foiling any LU’s plans at snowballing. The second game was tilted in CC’s favor through creative macro advantages despite giving up first blood.
  2. Top laner Ian “Mistystumpey” Alexander should be begging coach Drake Porter for more freedom in future matches. Alexander’s Maokai lacked the pressure his Gnar brought in the first game. While this forced the Gray Wolves’ jungler to head solo-lane way, it also led to Alexander surrendering 5 of his team’s 7 deaths of game two.
  3. Player-coach Connor “Artemis” Doyle will have his hands full with film this week. Lourdes University had an opportunity in game one with plenty of team fights favoring their side. With their playoff hopes still alive, they’ll need to absorb the lessons of this match and apply them moving forward.


Southwest Baptist University (3-0) vs Missouri State University (2-1)

SBU Victory!

Game 1 — 20:55

Blue: SBU — 20 // 43.6k

Red: MSU — 3 // 27.2k

Game 2 — 16:49

Blue: MSU — 2 // 27.2k

Red: SBU — 19 // 37.4k



  1. Steven “Justice” Verlautz continues to shine. Southwest Baptist manufactured plenty of kills through the attention placed on the mid lane. Verlautz opened game one by securing first blood and an assist on the second kill of the game. The pressure generated through the mid-lane propelled SBU to knocking down the first inhibitor in the 19th minute and closing it out a couple minutes later.
  2. You read that correctly, SBU took ended game two in less than 17 minutes. Freshman Jonathan “Titandog21” Stiegleman showed up big time for the Bearcats as well going 1/1/12 in game one and 0/0/13 in game two. Stiegleman also made the game-sealing play with a beautiful Zac ultimate.
  3. Southwest Baptist live to fight another day. On the other side of the match, Missouri State is now eliminated from playoff contention. After Sunday’s display, SBU’s confidence should be soaring as we enter the final two weeks of the season.


Elsewhere around the league:

The University of North Georgia (3-0) continues their reign over the Peachbelt Conference after an impressive 2-0 against University of South Carolina – Aiken (2-1). Meanwhile at the top of BTN West, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (4-0) staved off an upset by taking a close game three over Purdue University (2-2). Similarly, Ohio State (4-0) stays atop the BTN East with a 2-0 demolition of Penn State (2-2).

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Christian Matlock is an esports professional who graduated from the University of Missouri in 2016. He has worked in coaching with Illinois College and was a founding member of Allegiance, a professional esports organization that debuted in Halo and now fields teams in Super Smash Bros and Call of Duty, among others. You can find him on Twitter @CMMatlock.

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