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College LoL Match of the Week: The Missouri Bowl

23 Feb , 2018  

It’s here. It’s finally happening. The College LoL gods have pleased Drake Porter. Week 6 of the College LoL season is bringing us the best match of the regular season: Columbia College (5-0) vs. Maryville University (5-0). Only one team will finish the regular season perfect, so here are some keys to the game for each side to be able to achieve this goal.


Columbia College Cougars

  • Keep dominating objective control
  • Play through the bot lane 

The Columbia College (MO) Cougars – Image Credit: Columbia College (MO)


After their Week 5 matchup versus Robert Morris University, CC’s objective difference shot up from +93 to +114, only allowing the Eagles to secure 7 objectives in the two-game series. While Maryville is going to be one of the best collegiate teams the Cougars will face this year, there is a chink in the Saints’ armor. Support player, Derek “MU West” Micheau, is still in his debut season at support, role-swapping from the top lane. MU West has been performing very strongly, but with a veteran ADC like Evan “EvanRL” Lawson leading the way, any slight misstep from Micheau can start the Cougars’ snowball.


Maryville University Saints

  • Contain CC’s ADC, EvanRL, as much as possible.
  • Unleash the Walrus

Maryville University League of Legends Team at work – Image Credit: Maryville University Esports Twitter


As mentioned earlier, EvanRL can pose a huge problem for Maryville if allowed to. It’s up to the Saints’ bot lane to suppress this as much as possible. With strong solo laners and jungler, Maryville is flexible enough to win through any lane with ease. Speaking of strong junglers, Maryville has one of the best in Cody “Walrus” Altman. Similar to the bot lane scenario, CC also has a role swap that just might be able to be abused. Zachary “BukZacH” Lapham made the switch to jungle this season from ADC. With Patch 8.4 swaying the jungle meta, look for Altman to try and find ways to snowball the entire map. Hmm, is Nidalee back in the meta yet?

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George Crook is a Junior Interdisciplinary Studies major at Mississippi State University, with concentrations in Sports Studies and Public Relations. Alongside being a Staff Writer for the Collegiate Starleague, he also works as a Marketing Intern within the university’s Athletic Department. You can find him on Twitter @gcrook__.

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