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Play 1v1 SnD Call Of Duty: WWII on WorldGaming for your chance to win cash prizes!

10 Dec , 2017  

This December, play 1v1 SnD Call Of Duty: WWII on WorldGaming on PS4 and Xbox One to win cash prizes! This tournament is only available for players in North America or Europe.

We’ll be running 1v1 SnD CoD: WWII brackets on Saturday, December 9th and Saturday, December 16th.

The prize pool for every CoD: WWII bracket is:

  • 1st place wins $50
  • 2nd place wins $30
  • 3rd place wins $10
  • 4th place wins $10

    Join a CoD: WWII 1v1 $100 Series bracket


    How Do Video Game Tournaments Work?

    Get all the answers you need from this quick tournament walkthrough:

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