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WGN Brain Trust: Rocket League Championship Qualifier Interview – Poutine

5 Jul , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

WorldGaming’s Rocket League Canadian Championships is well underway.  As the online qualifiers come to an end, Silhouette’s team is one of many teams progressing to the Online Playoffs on July 21st.

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Kevin “Silhouette” Lawrenuk is the team captain of one of the Rocket League Canadian Challenge finalists.  Alongside Jish and Leatherhead, the three Rocket League players have begun to carve out their road to victory.  I had the opportunity to speak with Silhouette and discuss strategy and gain a few important Rocket League tips.

Q: Can you give an introduction to the team?

A: My name is Kevin, I go by Silhouette online.  I started playing Rocket League back in the PlayStation days when it first came out.  I actually only got the game because it was free at the time on PlayStation Plus.  But, I transitioned to PC last May.  Jish is from Alberta.  He is a really good player.  We also have Leatherhead, and he is from Ontario.

Q: How did the team form?

A: I was on a team with some other players and it just kind of fell apart.  So we were all looking for a team and we played a couple skrims and everything felt good.  We formed in the very first week of June.  We decided to sign up and made the first qualifier.  Before forming, we had never actually played with each other.

Q: In such a short amount of time, how did you manage to utilize each member’s individual strengths?

A: We all have different strengths.  When we first started playing, our rotations were pretty good but we had some stuff to work on.  Even the day before the first qualifier we weren’t playing the way we wanted.

However, the more we played throughout the qualifier it started to make sense.  We had more solid rotations.  I don’t think we have only one strength or one defender, we just play a complete game.

Q: How do you feel with the team’s performances during qualifiers?

A: I think we performed very well.  We were a little bit down on ourselves when we got knocked down to the lower bracket.  We just try to stay positive and keep pushing every chance we get.  Taking it game by game, we ended up making it through the qualifiers.

Q: Are there any particular strategies the team has been using during the qualifiers?

A: We have been trying to give the other team as little space as we can as we utilize each other on the field.  If we’re looking to clear the ball we’ll look for each other, rather than give away possession to the other team.  Conversely, trying to cut off their passing of the ball. Always being cognisant of the other team.  We try to play fast and look for one another is what we keep reminding ourselves before each game.

Q: What does the daily routine look like leading up to a tournament?

A: We played a few skrims before the qualifiers and like I said, they did not go the best.  We knew what we had to work on.  From there it got better in the tournament and after that we became so excited that we made it.  We are taking a little bit of a break to cool down and reset ourselves.  Looking to get back in sometime soon to do well in the playoffs.

Q: Are there any new tactics the team is looking to bring into the playoffs?

A: I don’t think so.  I think we knew going into the qualifiers that there are a lot of good teams, even going into the playoffs.  So we are going to be sticking to our game, staying fast and trying to create opportunities for ourselves and cut the other team’s openings.

Q: Are there any teams you’re looking forward to playing the most during the road to the finals?

A: There’s a couple teams out there that are very strong.  We know the second and third seeds right now.  They are our old teams. There is Ralph and AXB on Croissant Bois.  I think Incognito just qualified and that’s GoRocks, NickyMac.  They are really cool players that I have looked up to for the past year or so.  They have been in the competitive scene near the top, so it would be cool to have the opportunity to play them.

Q: What are some important tips you can give to aspiring Rocket League players?

A: Keep practising.  Keep playing Ranked, keep playing skrims.  Find a squad you can play with that works and has the same mindset as you. Stick with a good group and keep practising.  This game is very time-based.  The more time you put in, the better you will be.

Q: Where can people follow you online?

A: You can find me on Twitter.  That’s my only social media.  If you see me in Ranked, say hello.  Jish can also be found on Twitter.  Leatherhead is also on Twitter.

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About The Author: Steve VegvariSteve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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