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Congratulations to Rocket League Canadian Challenge Winners Croissant Bois

19 Aug , 2018  

After a thrilling National Finals, Croissant Bois was able to take the Canadian Challenge Finals and the $10K prize.
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Written By: Steve Vegvari

The WorldGaming Rocket League Canadian Championship has concluded the online qualifier portion of the tournament.  Now, all teams get a breather before heading into the online playoffs on July 21st.

Which opened up the opprotunity to touch base with team captain of Croissant Bois.  Raphaël “Ralph” Morin leads the three man team next to longtime teammate AXB and Taroco.  With a long relationship behind Ralph and AXB, I was able to find out how they use that dynamic during the tournament.

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Q: Can you introduce us to Croisannt Bois?

A: Sure, my name is Raphaël Morin.  My gamertag is Ralph.  I am playing alongside AXB and Taroco.  I have known those two for almost two years.  We’re all from Quebec, so we are all French.  All three of us are Grand Champs, been to a couple Quebec-based LANs together.

Q: How did Croisannt Bois become a team?

A: I had been on a team with AXB for a while.  We started playing together in 2016.  We were in the Rocket League Rival Series last season with Joro, but unfortunately we came out fifth so we did not get automatic qualification for Season Six.

So when the Rocket League Canadian Championship came up, we saw it was only for Canadians.  We picked Taroco as our third because we knew he was a solid player that could compliment us.  I had never been on a team with him, but I’ve played Ranked with him a few times.

Q: How does each memeber utilize their own skills when playing?

A: Taroco is more of a defensive-anchor role.  He’s got a lot of experience playing 1v1s and 2v2s so he’s got a ton of skill with defending in those situations.  AXB and myself have always been a dynamic duo.  We pass to each other a lot and compliment each others playstyle.  Being able to know where the other is at all time is our major strength.

Q: How do you feel with the team’s performances during qualifiers?

A: I think it was pretty good.  It was our first time playing in a tournament together.  There wasn’t a ton we could look back on for improvement.  I don’t think we made too many mistakes when it came to rotations.  It felt very solid to be honest.

Q: Are there any particular strategies the team has been using during the qualifiers?

A: Not letting too many goals in.  Which is something AXB and myself have always struggled with.  Our offense has always been good.  It always comes down to not giving up too many goals with defensive breakdowns and mistakes in general.  It did not happen very much with Taroco being there.

Q: Are the three of you set on offensive and defensive roles, or do you have a rotation?

A: Yeah we rotate.  It is the best way to play Rocket League.

Q: Now that the qualifiers are over, will you three continue with skrims?  How do you proceed?

A: We’ll be skrimming for sure.  Right now, Taroco is on vacation so he is taking a break.  AXB and I are still playing.  When he comes back we’ll be doing skrims together.

Q: What were the more complicated parts of the qualifiers?

A: I’d say playing against Him Tortons.  That team is very strong.  JoeFreshness is an insane defender.  That was our biggest competition so far.  Also a team that surprised us was Nighty Night.  They were also very good.

Q: Is there a specific team you’d like to play against leading into the finals?

A: I think Incognito.  We did not play them in the qualifier.  I think they had to get a sub and they dropped to the loser bracket pretty early.  They are all RLRS players and it should be a good game if we get to play them.

Q: What are some important tips you can give to aspiring Rocket League players?

A: Work with your team.  Don’t try to do it all yourself and be the hero.  That’s the main thing when it comes to competitive play.  You are either going to be insane or be completely nothing.  So work with your teammates and be selfless.

Q: Where can people follow you online?

A: I am on Twitter and on Twitch.  AXB can be found on Twitter.  Taroco is also on Twitter.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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