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BRAIN TRUST: Exclusive Interview With Steve Dangle

9 Apr , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

During the Snider Hockey Cup Finals, Steve Dangle came to Philadelphia to cast the event with Faizal Khamisa.  With ties to the NHL franchise, harkening back to the days of NHL 99, Dangle brought a slew of knowledge and personality into his casting.

Apart from providing play-by-play commentary during the finals, Steve Dangle is well known for his voice and content for Sportsnet.  A long time host of the Steve Dangle Podcast, Dangle also produces daily analytical videos on the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Each video is injected with personality and deep knowledge of the game itself.

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Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I am a video blogger who started on YouTube in 2007.  I managed to turn it into a living.

Q: How did you get involved with Sportsnet?

A: I Started there in a behind-the-scenes role in 2014.  After a few months they asked if I wanted to post videos on their website.  Of course I said yes.

Q: Can you describe the role you have at Sportsnet?

A: I make videos and create content for their website.  I post my podcast there twice weekly.  Occasionally, I make a TV appearance.

Q: You have quite a rich history with hockey, what about the NHL game franchise?

A: The first copy I played was NHL 99 for PC.  I have been hooked ever since, my crowning achievement was getting to level 3 in HUT.

Q: You have been helping out with the WorldGaming NHL Showdown Series, what are you excited to see during series?

A: I am excited to watch the best players in the world play. Hoping I can pick up tips on the way.

Q: Based on your knowledge of NHL 18, what sort of strategies are you expecting to see?

A: Most of the people I play online do not even try to play defence.  So I expect the passes to be crisp, the defence to be responsible, which makes each goal count that much more.

Q: Do you see a correlation between casting the physical sport and the game? Major differences, similarities?

A: Similarities would be gameplay, names, stories behind each player.  The differences being pace, and the fact that it is two players going head-to-head.  Every player takes on their style.

Q: As an influencer and voice of traditional sports, how far away do you think eSports are from being recognized by the general audience?

A: Not far, we’re getting there now.

Q: What can fans expect to see from you in the near future?

A: I am releasing a book next April about my weird little career.  Hopefully covering a long run of Leafs playoffs videos.

Q: Where can people follow you online?

A: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr – I am on everything.  I have a Twitch account too.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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