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WGN Brain Trust: Caliburn’s Islands of Nyne Impressions

30 Jul , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Battle Royale is a term that has exploded in the past year.  From the behemoth Fortnite, to PUBG, The Culling and beyond.  Even large titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield are getting their own slice of the pie.

The same can be said for indie development studio; Define Human Studios with Islands of Nyne.  During Microsoft’s Xbox E3 conference, we got a short look at Islands of Nyne.  For a wide majority, E3 was the first time they were exposed to the FPS Battle Royale title.

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At first glance, audiences would make the simple comparison of Islands of Nyne to the FPS perspective in PUBG.  Dig down a little more, Islands of Nyne captures the shooter mechanics of Call of Duty and crafted a battle royale game around the tight mechanics.

Islands of Nyne is garnering some real attention.  As Define Human Studios have only been exposing players during the closed alpha and beta, there is a level of exclusivity to playing the game.  Once in, many players are becoming enamoured with the mechanics.  Some online personalities and streamers have built a niche audience for the game as well.

So I spoke to Gage “Caliburn” Meyer, who not only is familiar with the Battle Royale genre, but has also had hands-on time with Islands of Nyne.  Caliburn is currently a free agent, but has a deep background of competing in FPS titles.

Q: So to begin, can you give us an introduction to yourself and your competitive background?

A: So to start off my name is Gage Meyer.  I am a long time FPS player on PC having competed in Quake 3, Battlefield 2142, COD4 Promod, Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, Dirty Bomb, Battalion 1944, Overwatch, and PUBG.

Q: How long have you been hands on with Islands of Nyne?

A: I have been playing Islands of Nyne ever since the first beta.  I have been playing it whenever the servers open up for a weekend.

Q: For those that may not be aware of Islands of Nyne, could you boil it down for them in your words?

A: Islands of Nyne is a FPS Battle Royale in a more fast-paced environment.

Q: What are the game’s biggest strengths and weaknesses?

A: The game’s strengths have got the be the flow of the game being fast-paced.  Also, the emphasis of how important it is to have good aim in order to fight other players.  Some weaknesses right now have got to be the type of loot that spawns like meds and how many of them are available.  Another weakness is how much inventory room you have.  Carrying capacity for ammo and meds needs improvement.

Q: During the Xbox conference, Islands of Nyne had some screen time during the ID@Xbox scissor-reel.  Have you begun to see/hear more chatter about the game since that time?

A: I have begun to hear more and more people talk about it and even big streamers like Shroud are watching the game.  They are becoming interested in how the game develops and the direction the developers want to take the game.

Q: Do you feel like Islands of Nyne has the legs to build a mass audience, or will it become something more niche?

A: Islands of Nyne definitely has the potential to reach a lot of people whether they are hardcore FPS players or just the casual gamer.  There will definitely be a skill gap as far as aiming goes just like any FPS game like CS:GO.

Q: Thanks for giving us your impressions. Where can people follow you online?

A: If you guys want to keep up with me and what I’m going to be doing in Islands of Nyne you can follow me on Twitter.  Also on Twitch where I stream regularly.

About The Author: Steve Vegvari

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Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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