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9 Mar , 2018  

In our ongoing mission to deliver the best online gaming experience to our player community we have recently made some changes to our platform.
As a result of feedback from you, our community, we have removed head-to-head gaming functionality and are focused on the play you want – premium events, exciting programming and tournaments with great prizes.

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As a result of this we have been focusing our efforts on developing a great tournament experience. The changes we have made will result in faster tournaments, less down time for players and more game play.
The following features are now available in all tournaments:
Effective April 2nd, 2018 we’ve made some awesome updates to our leaderboards:
1) We made it easier to get into a challenge, by improving the default sort of the standings page. Now, all leaderboard players are divided into three groups:

• Players that are Ready
• Players that are Online
• Players that are Offline
New players can mark themselves as Ready and be shown at the top of other players’ standings. Players can still sort by Rank or Elo Rating, to see overall standings.
2) We updated how Elo ratings are calculated. After each challenge, a player’s rating is taken into account to decide how much they gain or lose. The goal of this was:
• To let players with lower ratings still be able to catch up by beating players with higher ratings
• To not have players with higher ratings lose as much as before, if they are upset by a player with a lower rating
3) We optimized leaderboard standings for mobile devices. Now, players on mobile devices will be able to view and sort standings, and find other players with less vertical scrolling.
Here are some of our other changes:
Double elimination brackets.
Seeding randomization.
Ability to play other games on our site while waiting for your bracket.
Bracket creation based on player check in.
We are constantly adding new features to our platform based on your feedback and look forward to bringing you more exciting features and programming.
Decommission Notification
Effective March 1, 2018 our Android and Xbox One apps will no longer be supported as we make improvements to player experience for all tournament types.

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