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Authority Report – WGN’s Madden 19 Super Bowl LIII Super Sim Prediction

1 Feb , 2019  

By Matthew Rondina

Madden 19 Super Bowl LIII prediction time!

The biggest game in football is right around the corner with Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

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World Gaming employed the use of “Hank” our resident Xbox One X for the first annual Madden 19 Super Bowl prediction sim. In the past the Madden gaming franchise has a great record when it comes to predicting Super Bowl outcomes, correctly picking the winner 10 out of 14 times. Not too shabby considering all the factors at play – a game with such true-to-life physics and stats has really been delivering.

Now it’s time to hit the gridiron once again with Madden 19 and predict a champion!
Join the huddle for World Gaming’s quarter-by-quarter results from our Madden 19 Super Bowl LIII Super Sim:
The First Quarter
The first quarter saw the Rams come out in force with Todd Gurley II controlling the play and gaining serious yardage on the first rush.
The Ram’s Gerald Everett caught a in tight 2 yard pass for the touchdown and Greg Zuerlein converted to put the Rams up by 7.
End of Q1 Score:
New England 0
Los Angeles 7

Second Quarter
The opening rush in the second quarter from the Rams saw G.Zuerlein make a 19 yard field goal.
The Patriots responded with a massive 49 yard field goal of their own finally getting themselves on the board.
In a war of the kickers Zuerlein was at it again making a 54 yard field goal to protect, and build on the Rams’ lead.
At the end of the quarter Gurley comes up with a massive 96 yard run for the touchdown with Zuerlein converting once again for the extra point.
End of Q2
New England 3
Los Angeles 20

Third Quarter
The defensive chess match continues in a long range game of field goals with the Rams’ G.Zuerlein kicking another 3 points from 17 yards out to build on LA’s lead.
Late in the third, the Patriots looked poised for another signature comeback, lead by none other than Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. The dynamic duo connect off a 35 yard pass with Stephen Gostkowski’s kick clearing the uprights for the extra point.
At the end of the the third, with a big momentum swing New England’s way, it looks like we are in for another nail biting finish!
End of Q3
New England 10
Los Angeles 23

Fourth Quarter
Luckily for the LA Rams this was a relatively quiet quarter, with defensive plays that stymied many offensive pushes from the Pats.
The Patriots were able to finally convert on a 14-yard pass from Brady to James White with S.Gostkowski making the kick for the extra point. Unfortunately for the Pats, it was too little too late, and a massive comeback win wasn’t in the cards.
WGN’s Final Super Sim Score for Super Bowl LIII
New England 17
Los Angeles 23

WGN predicts the Los Angeles Rams as your Super Bowl LIII champs!
Odds makers pegged the New England Patriots with the highest odds of once again lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy at 6-1 from the start of the season. In the virtual world of Madden 19 football, it looks like the Rams are destined to become champs, even with EA Sports official sim.
EA’s dazzling video package below delivers a similar result for the Rams, take a look:

With the “never say die” Patriots, it sure is going to be an interesting Super Bowl Sunday.
Who’s got your pick for the championship? Sound off in the comments below!

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