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Authority Report: May 8th

8 May , 2018  

It was another big week for the world of esports. The Overwatch League saw its third stage come to conclusion and Texas was home to some incredible FGC action. Let’s get started.

Overwatch League

The third stage of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League came to an incredible conclusion last weekend, leaving only one final stage to be played in the regular season. The stage will go into the League’s history books, as the first stage in which a team went through it undefeated. Boston Uprising was able to pick up victories over both the LA Gladiators and Valiant in order to secure their perfect stage record. New York finished the stage in second place (9-1) with the Valiant (7-3) and Gladiators (6-4) rounding out the top four for the stage playoffs.

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London is notably absent from this final four. Finishing both previous stages with at least seven wins and a stage playoff berth. This stage they struggled tremendously however, only going 5-5. The final weeks saw them defeat a struggling Seoul Dynasty despite requiring the full five games and the Shanghai Dragons who have still yet to find a single series victory on the season.

The playoffs demonstrated the disparity in skill even amongst the very best teams in the world. While both LA teams were able to make their first ever stage playoffs appearances, they were unable to secure themselves any wins, both being swept aside 3-0. This set the stage for what many thought would be an incredible rematch between New York and Boston, the Uprising won that Week 2 matchup 3-2 in an incredible 5 game series, but New York had different ideas. Making it to their third straight Stage finals were determined to prove they are the best team in the world, and sweeping the undefeated Uprising 3-0 in the finals was just the way to do that.

The series demonstrated why New York has been able to make the stage finals on each of the first three occasions and come out as the champion in the last two. New York’s team is stacked with talent and their ability to interchange players at any moment allows them to execute any strategy effectively. Heading into the final Stage of the regular season, New York will certainly be the team that the rest of the league uses to measure themselves against.

There will be no OWL action this week as the team’s take a vacation week before the final Stage of the regular season. Action returns on May 16th, at 7PM ET.


Texas Showdown

The state’s largest fighting game tournament of the year was back with a bang this past weekend. Hosting competitions in a range of titles including Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Injustice 2, Street Fighter V and Marvel Vs.Capcom Infinite and more, this was a weekend Fighting Game fans didn’t want to miss.

MenaRD from Rise Gaming emerged victorious from the SFV competition using Birdie to maximum effect over the course of the weekend. He went undefeated throughout the weekend entering the Grand Finals through the upper bracket and won 3-2 against NuckleDu’s Guile.  Although everyone knew MenaRD would be using Birdie, nobody was able to do anything to stop him demonstrating his mastery of Birdie and SFV overall.

In DBZ it was  Evil Geniuses’ NYChrisG who was commanded Bardock, Trunks and Vegeta to a victorious weekend. His performance was dominant as not only did emerge victorious on the weekend, but he did so without dropping a single match in the final three rounds of play including the Grand Finals. His performance this weekend makes him one of the most important people to keep an eye on as the DBZ scene develops.

In Tekken7 Anakin emerged victorious piloting Jack-7 to perfection. He too went through the final rounds of the tournament without dropping a single game, until the Grand Finals were he won 3-1.

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite had its tournament end in spectacular fashion. Noelbhungry defeated Stealth in the Winner Bracket Finals 3-2 in a very intense match. Stealth would not be discouraged however, running through Estos Pelotas 3-1 to earn himself the rematch in the Grand Finals.

Due to already having lost, Stealth would have to beat Noelbhungry in two series to claim the victory. His prior defeat handed him all the knowledge he required to beat Noelbhungry their next go round, proving that in the Grand Finals. While their first encounter was a close back and forth series, the final was a stomping as Stealth walked over Noelbhungry on route to two 3-0 series sweeps and the Championship.

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In Injustice 2 action Deoxys bested Whiteboi in the finals to earn himself the crown. Dragon was notably absent from the event.  

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