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Assassin’s Creed Origins – Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

1 Jan , 2018  

by Matthew Rondina
Welcome to ancient Egypt fellow assassins, it’s time to learn the ropes in order to become as stealthy and lethal as possible.
Whether you are new to the series, or a returning master assassin, the game has changed – World Gaming is here to get you on the right path. Sharpen your hidden blade, ready your bow and use the tips below to become a master assassin.
Control Time

In Assassin’s Creed Origins you can unlock abilities that make you a far more efficient warrior by properly utilizing your skill tree.
One ability that is a must to unlock is “Dawn & Dusk” which gives you the power to speed up the passage of time. This is great because it spares you from having to wait around for the time of day to change; bringing about the night, and more places to hide.
The cover of night is always a welcome ally, which gives you a clear strategic advantage over the enemy. If you are about to raid a major enemy installation, like a camp, use “Dawn & Dusk” to bring about nightfall (when most guards are asleep) and make your move.
Side Quest Completion

This isn’t the Assassin’s Creed that you are used to, things have changed, especially when it comes to combat difficulty. Enemies now have levels assigned to them and if you take on foes that have a far higher number than you, you’ll be met with a quick death.
The easiest way to figure out if you are underpowered is to look at the level indicator above your foe’s head. If this number is highlighted in red, it’s best to run the other way as your enemy is going to make short work of you in combat.
In order match them in battle, you’ll need to continue to complete side quests as often as possible. Completing side quests will offer XP bonuses and points to upgrade your skill tree making you a more formidable opponent.
This strategy will also help you defeat more difficult opponents during story missions, going in with more experience will offer a better result.
Eyes in the Sky

In Origins, eagle vision has been replaced with an actual eagle that you can take control of to mark your prey. Your new feathered companion, Senu, is one of the best tools you have in the game, use her often to get a leg up on your opponents.
Before infiltrating a camp or any other major enemy stronghold send Senu in first for a flyover as she can tag enemies and seek out important objective markers.
She is also key to a successful hunt as she can help you pick out game miles away, or help you assess threats that wildlife may pose nearby.
Be sure to unlock the “Eagle Harass” ability as it will allow you to use Senu to distract and attack enemies providing you with an excellent ally on the battlefield.
Animus Pulse

By pressing Up on your D-Pad you can emit a type of sonar ping called, “Animus Pulse” that will reveal loot and other objects of interest in your immediate vicinity. Use this as often as possible to ensure that you have picked an area clean of precious loot and aren’t missing anything.
Loot. Craft. Repeat.
In Origins you are only as good as your gear, and it requires leveling just like Bayek. The most cost effective way to go about this is to loot as often as possible in order to build a massive inventory of supplies. These looted items can be used to craft weapons, armor and upgrades for both.
Always keep an eye out for lootable objects and don’t forget to grab what a defeated enemy has dropped.
These tips will help get you on the path to becoming the ultimate assassin, enjoy your adventures in Egypt!
About the Author: Matthew Rondina
Matthew has been involved in all things gaming since the 8-bit era. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been passionate about technology and gaming for over 20 years. Follow Matthew’s gaming adventures on twitter and join in on the fun!


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