An Aggressive Approach to Boomsday: Tips from Chris “Mess” Gordon

17 Oct , 2018  

Written by: Dave Throop

With players now having had plenty of time to settle into Hearthstone’s latest expansion we sat down with Chris “Mess” Gordon of RoyalBlue esports to get his thoughts on some of the best cards and strategies you can currently use to climb the ranks. Give him and his team a follow on social media, and tune into DreamHack Atlanta November 16-18th to watch them compete live and tune into the Hearthstone Season 2 playoffs to watch his teammate LanguageHacker compete for the North American crown.

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As an aggressive player, Mess currently favors the Paladin, Hunter and Rogue classes. He also shows a strong preference for the Odd themed decks – requiring the legendary card Baku the Mooneater – as doubling the strength of the hero power from these classes can lead to significantly accelerated victories.

The latest expansion has given all three of these classes, and their top-tier decks, some interesting additional options and solidified their standing within the meta.


Favorite New Cards

For the Paladin class Mess points to the Mechano-egg, despite it not being an overly popular card. The card is a mech, the new type of card that allows it to combine with other mechs placed next to it on the battlefield, while its passive can prove to be incredibly difficult to deal with. “it’s a mech and you can make it into some sort of abomination egg that spawns an 8/8 mech that you can also turn into an abomination”. If you’d like an element of surprise in your games and have quite a few mechs in your deck already this is certainly a card worth considering.

In regards to Hunters, he points to Bomb-Toss despite it not being included in any elite decks. The card provides a player with minion damage and places a minion on the board – an uncommon combination of effects for hunters. Mess eloquently explains its advantages “Getting a minion kill spell that spawns a minion is nice, as card draw is always an issue with Hunter. If you can kill something and get a minion for 1 card? That’s pretty nice. The minion is also immediately a threat as you can start sticking magnetic minions to it.” Looking for ways to successfully incorporate this card into your existing Hunter decks could provide you with the advantage you need to climb the competitive ladder.

For Rogue players Mess suggests Myra’s Unstable Element which allows players to draw the remainder of their deck. An excellent last resort in long drawn out games, Mess also notes its value in closing games out and having fun doing it “ There’s no better feeling than dumping your whole deck to dig for that last few points of damage.”

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Decks and Strategies

Of the three classes he believes Rogue is in the best place in the current meta with Quest Rogue serving as a “control killer” and Odd Rogue acting as an aggressive option. Hunter falls in the middle with the Deathrattle deck being able to “run all over people if you draw correctly” while Spell Hunter offers another strong Mid-Range alternative. Paladin’s meanwhile are in a “tough spot” with Odd Paladin being the only real viable deck at high levels of play and certain bad matchups that  “just suck the fun right out of the game”.

There appears to be no shortage of options for the aggressive player like Mess in this meta. Look for ways to utilize these cards and decks if you too prefer an aggressive approach, in order to work your way up the competitive ranking system.



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