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STRATEGY ACADEMY: 6 Tips to get the upper hand on your opponents in CoD WWII

10 May , 2018  


Written by: Jon Scarr
Call of Duty: WWII gives the franchise a new lease on life by ironically returning to its World War 2 roots. With almost every aspect of the game being overhauled, long time vertrans of the series have found themselves having to start over when it comes to multiplayer gun battles. I’ve put together six tips to get the upper hand on your opponents in CoD WWII.

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Speed up the explosion of your dynamite by shooting it

In objective based gameplay modes such as War, you must build obstacles and barriers to stop your enemy from advancing. As an attacker, you have the ability to put down dynamite to destroy your enemy’s defenses.
However, after you plant dynamite there is a time period that you must wait for the fuse to go off. Ultimately, this can leave you vulnerable—especially when enemies are on your heels. Many gamers don’t realize, but you can shoot the dynamite you have put down and instantly blow it up.
Though it might not seem like a big deal, this will save you several precious seconds. You’ll also catch your enemy off guard who think they have a few seconds before it explodes. It could mean the difference between winning and loosing.

Locate your enemies through smoke using a sniper riffle

Smoke grenades are a popular way to hide from your enemy and also make advancements on them. In modes like War and Domination, you’ll find players use the smoke grenades hide themselves while taking objectives.
While it can be intimidating trying to find your enemy if you don’t have any high-powered scopes, there is a way to spot your enemies through the smoke. By using a snipper riffle, you can actually identify your enemy by looking for their gamertag. It will pop right above their head and gives you a pretty good indication where you should shoot.

Shoot down scorestreaks with ease

Previous games in the CoD series have allowed you to shoot down enemy scorestreaks. For the most part, you’ve had to be equipped with a launcher if you wanted to take them down in a timely fashion. CoD WWII allows you to shoot down scorestreaks such as UAVs and Chopper Gunners a lot easier.
Now you can use a couple magazines of ammunition from an assault riffle, and net some additional points with ease. Not only will you stop your enemy cold in their tracks but you can help your team maintain its lead or stop the opposing from getting further ahead.

Choose the right weapon for the map you are playing

Nearly every single map within CoD WWII is assault riffle or submachine gun friendly. When it comes to snipper rifles, shotguns, and LMGs—you have to use that weapon on the right map. If you know that the map you are playing has a lot of open areas or pathways that are very long, use the assault rifle.
Conversely, on close-range maps use SMGs and shotguns. On maps such as Gustav Cannon, sniper riffles are the weapon of choice. It’s important to always be thinking what is the right weapon for the map you are playing.

Unlock and equip the Primed basic training ribbon as fast as you can

For the most part, the first person to get hit in a firefight is the one that looses. When you get hit, your aim is thrown off and its virtually impossible to return accurate fire against your opponent. There is a way to counter act this, but it requires you to play a little while and rank up to level 32.
Once you have reached level 32, the Primed basic training ribbon becomes unlocked and you can equip it. This perk is all but essential in CoD WWII to get the upper hand on your opponents. It allows you to equip a third attachment to your primary weapon, and most importantly it reduces flinch when being hit from enemy fire.
It works best with assault files and sniper rifles. As an added bonus, this stacks with the Infantry III perk and will allow you to have four attachments on your weapon.

Keep an eye on your opponent at all times by using your radar

Constantly looking up at your radar and seeing where your enemy is will instantly help your game and give you the upper hand on your opponents. If you don’t do this, you’ll be missing out on potential kills and most likely get killed from an enemy that is nearby.

So there you have it! My 6 tips to get the upper hand on  your opponents in CoD WWII. I hope you enjoyed these tips and found them useful. See you on the battlefield!

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About the Author: Jon Scarr

Based in Toronto, Jon is a proud Canadian who loves all things gaming. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been in love with technology and gaming for over 20 years. Come say hi and join the conversation with Jon on Twitter.

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