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2019 WESG North American Finals Recap and Gallery

13 Dec , 2019  

One of the top Women’s team, CLG Red managed to come out on top and took first place in the Women’s CS:GO Finals. GOOSEBREEDER, DI^, REFINNEJ, BENI and EMY eliminated the competition in back-to-back rounds against ANEW ESPORTS. The ladies were able to walk away thrilled, with a spot to compete in China with $25,000 in their pockets.t

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The final CSGO match wouldn’t have been organized chaos, if it weren’t Steele and his teammates from Choas Esports Club. SHAKEZULLAH, STEELE, BEN1337, INFINITE, and CAM came into this tournament feeling confident from competing last year and in previous CSGO events.

The boys had a survived hiccup while qualifying, but the players kept their eyes on the prize, knocking out Livid Gaming for the cash prize of $25,000.

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The Fighting Panada’s, formerly known as Fighting Pepegas, came into the competition ironically fighting to be the top Canadian Dota 2 team and came out the top North American Team. EternaLEnVy, Bryle, Sneyking, Aui_2000, and MoonMeander had teamed up a few short months before qualifying, but we’re an instant favourite from casters and fans.

The Fighting PanadaS will be heading to China to hopefully continue their fighting streak, but only $25,000 richer.

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PesMachineRR demonstrated that he is the PES-machine. While flying in from Mexico, PesMachineRR made the difficult decision of missing his own daughter’s Birthday to compete in the Finals.

Luckily, PesMachineRR will now be returning home the top North American player, and with the winning prize of $6,000 to hopefully use for his daughter’s birthday present.

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Neeb went head to head with Scarlet to compete in the Finals for StarCraft 2, and from the heated action, Neeb was able to conquer all four matches. But he’s no stranger to the StarCraft 2 scene, as he was the champion of the 2017 GreatGamers Award in the RTS category.

Now Neeb can continue his winning legacy, stepping off the stage as the Top North American player and the winning prize of $10,000.

For a full bracket breakdown click here


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